We are making progress reducing our carbon footprint

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We are making progress reducing our carbon footprint

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We are still working on our Sustainability Plan HEADING FOR 2030. In this regard, we recently joined Lean & Green in Spain, a European programme aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in logistics.

This initiative, which began in the Netherlands, is implemented in some EU member states (Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland). In Spain, it is headed by AECOC, a Spanish business association grouping Industry and Distribution in the consumer goods sector.

By joining Lean & Green, our subsidiary Herba undertakes to design an action plan to reduce the carbon footprint of its logistics activities by 20% in 5 years. This plan and its results will be audited by an independent entity, which will certify the validity of both processes.

Over more than two years operating in Spain, Lean & Green has established itself as the only national environmental programme that focuses on reducing emissions in the logistics stage of the supply chain and has created rules and principles of operation accepted by the industry. The greatest strength of the programme is the building of a broad, multi-sector community, in which companies cooperate with one another to find strategies to minimise the impact of their operations.

Our participation in Lean & Green will enable us to make further progress in our undertaking to continue growing sustainably while minimising the environmental impact of our business activities.

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