Extraordinary results in the two Social Initiatives promoted by Ebrosur and the Ebro Foundation in Argentina

As in previous years, in 2023, our subsidiary Ebrosur and the Ebro Foundation have, once again, joined forces to set up two social initiatives in the local communities where our Argentinean company operates. Both programmes have recently ended with very positive results for all participants.

The first of these programmes has pivoted around the objective of continuing to encourage healthy eating habits, not only at school (at pre-school and fifth grade levels), but also by training, supporting, and providing knowledge-based material for teachers. For the development of the action, we have accounted with the collaboration of the Educational Foundation, as well as corporate volunteers from Ebrosur itself. All participants have highlighted the importance of having received quality training which they are determined to continue granting to their students within the classrooms.

The second initiative was aimed at the education and job training of students at risk of exclusion which are in their last year of secondary education. This proposal, 100% innovative for the area, was a challenge due to the need to generate a network of links with secondary schools. Until now, there has been no direct link among the area of those in their last year of school and the market labour, thus, structuring this connection required an outstanding effort for Ebrosur and the Ebro Foundation, and to which both are willing to continue to strengthen and facilitate the education and job placement of these young scholars. In this occasion, our subsidiary has enjoyed the collaboration of the Forge Foundation.

This initiative has also made it possible to reach young people who, in some cases, emigrated to neighbouring cities due to the lack of quality work, and, who after participating in this project, can join the workforce of one of Ebrosur’s factories, as has been the case of one of the participants who has recently joined the maintenance team in Los Charrúas.

After the closing of both programmes, Nicolás Delmonte, Human Resources Director of Ebrosur, claimed that “At the end of these projects, the feeling is always the same: joy and pride… Reaching out to the Ebro Foundation allows us to remain connected with the localities where we are active, in a healthy way and with projects that truly transform realities”.

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