In order to alleviate the serious humanitarian crisis in Ukraine following the start of the Russian invasion, the Ebro Foundation has joined the wave of solidarity with the Ukrainian population by sending essential products, cash and donations-in-kind. 

In the area of food donations, thanks to the support of our Belgian subsidiary Boost Nutrition, we are collaborating with World Central Kitchen (WCK), the ngo of the chef José Andrés, by sending more than 80,000 kilos of rice to attend to the Ukrainian refugees in the town of Lviv (Ukraine). The trucks loaded with rice leave from our Boost society bound for the Polish-Ukrainian border, and once there, WCK volunteers are in charge of crossing the border and taking the rice to Lviv. So far, three trucks have already been sent and a fourth truck is scheduled to arrive on 6 April.  

On the other hand, through the Madrid Futuro Association, we have participated financially with the emergency campaign “Caritas with Ukraine” for the distribution of essential products, transport and safe shelter for Ukrainians who are leaving the country and to help refugees arriving to Spain. Also through Madrid Futuro, the employees of the Madrid office have collaborated in the campaign to collect warm clothes for children and women, food for babies, medicines, etc. organised by the Madrid City Council.

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