Sustainable Hom Mali rice programme

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Sustainable Hom Mali rice programme

Herba Bangkok, an Ebro Group company in Thailand, Mars Food, GIZ and the Thai Rice Department have started up the Sustainable Hom Mali Rice programme, an innovative programme to improve the economic viability of 1,200 Thai rice farmers and develop high-quality and sustainable Hom Mali rice (also known as jasmine rice) with a climate-smart system to mitigate climate change in Roi Et province.

Between 2018 and 2020, the programme is to support farmers from 12 community centres in Roi Et province, with estimated overall production of 3,500 tonnes of jasmine rice. 

Mr. Ignacio Yuste Sánchez, Managing Director of Herba Bangkok, said, “This project forms part of our commitment to sustainability in the sector, since Thailand plays a major role in the Ebro Group’s supply chain.  We want to focus on reducing the use of chemical fertilisers, promoting inclusion and food safety, and protecting the livelihoods of smallholders to achieve their well-being; by focusing on them, we can drive industry change.” 

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