Agromeruan and the Ebro Foundation has repaired a local road in Larache

In line with our commitment to the development and welfare of the communities in which we operate, our company Agromeruan, the agricultural subsidiary of the Mundiriz Group, and the Ebro Foundation have promoted a new social initiative that has a positive impact on improving the living conditions of the villages near our facilities in Morocco. The project consisted of restoring the local road linking the villages in the area with the city of Larache, starting from the village of Chilihate (located further south). The rehabilitated road is more than 14 km long. This project, in addition to contributing to the improvement of communications between the villages and Larache, also contributes to improving the safety of passers-by.

To the inauguration of the new road infrastructure assisted the representatives of all the villages who showed their enormous gratitude for the work carried out. The manager of Agromeruan, Carlos Cobián, who stressed that one of our priorities in the area is the contribution to the development of the social environment, and in this sense, since his arrival at the company the project to modernise the farm, which takes into account environmental aspects and the rationalisation of water consumption, has been initiated. He also thanked the governor of the province of Larache and the local authorities, the deputy director of the Lukos department and the mayors of Al-Awamrah and Zawada.  On the other hand, the Kaid of the Ouamra kabyle, one of the most important, also expressed his gratitude and highlighted the great impact of this road and the excellent relationship between the company and the villages.

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