EbroYoung, an initiative to promote youth employment in the cooking sector


EbroYoung, an initiative to promote youth employment in the cooking sector

Fundación Ebro and Asociación Norte Joven have launched EbroYoung, a social initiative to promote training in the specialty of cooking for disadvantaged young people and thus improve their chances of finding a job.

Through this training program, young people with a history of school failure and difficult socioeconomic situations will receive training as kitchen assistants with the aim of acquiring the skills, habits and qualifications necessary to enter the labor market or continue their studies at higher levels.

EbroYoung is a project aligned with our social commitment to education, entrepreneurship and access to employment for those people who find it most difficult to have opportunities for the future. Blanca Hernández, President of the Ebro Foundation, said: “it is an initiative that brings together all the objectives of our institution: promoting equal opportunities, social inclusion, the culture of effort, education in values and sustainability, etc.”

Another objective of the project is also to educate and raise awareness among students about the importance of optimizing resource management to reduce environmental impact.

EbroYoung will also dedicate part of the program to the development of a social catering service: the young people will prepare an average of 60 meals a week, which could involve the preparation of more than 1,000 menus, supervised by a nutritionist, which will be delivered to families without resources in the Villa de Vallecas.

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