Ebro Foods has been awarded the Lean & Green’s 1st Star, for achieving a 20% reduction in its logistic processes emissions

In Madrid on Tuesday, the Ebro Group was awarded, by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC), Lean & Green’s 1st Star owed to its achievement of reducing 20% its logistic processes emissions. The award ceremony took place during the VII Sustainable Logistics Day promoted by AECOC.

Achieving this first star is an important milestone as the reduction targets have been reached well ahead of the set time limit.

This commitment is framed within one of the pillars of action of our General Sustainability Plan RUMBO A 2030, one of the main objectives being to minimise the environmental impact of our business activity.

Lean&Green (https://www.aecoc.es/servicios/leangreen-espana/), is the largest European collaborative platform aimed at reducing emissions associated with the supply chain. It is an international initiative that aims to help companies in all sectors to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from logistics activities in order to achieve the Paris Climate Summit (COP21) targets of carbon neutral emissions by 2050.

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