Ebro India starts the certification of its raw materials with the SRP standard

Our subsidiary Ebro India, in order to guarantee the sustainability and high quality of its rice, has initiated the verification process of its raw material under the standards of the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) (https://www.sustainablerice.org/).  The SRP is an international platform that promotes resource efficiency and sustainability operations in trade, production and consumption of the supply chains in the rice sector at a global level.  Its main objectives are to reduce the environmental impacts of production, to improve the incomes of smallholder farmers and to contribute to food security.

The SRP Standard evaluates the degree of compliance in 41 items in a structure of 8 themes (SRP Assurance Scheme):

  1. Farm management
  2. Preplanting
  3. Water use
  4. Nutrient management
  5. Integrated pest management
  6. Harvest and postharvest
  7. Health and safety
  8. Labor rights

Following this assessment, SRP assigns three levels of certification: level 1 when it is a self-assessment, level 2 when the audit is made by a second part, and level 3 when this assessment is carried out by an independent verification entity, in the case of Ebro India it has been Control Union Certifications.  In this context, Ebro India obtained the level 3 certification with an audit score of 92%, for a total of 1,506mt of rice for the Ebro Group brands: Lassie® and Taureau Ailé®.  It has also obtained level 1 certification for 2,250mt of rice for our company Boost Nutrition.

In words of Peter Walker, CEO of Ebro India, “The good practices implemented in our crop control programmes has enabled us to achieve this accreditation in our first attempt”, the result shows the important work carried out by Ebro India to promote sustainable agriculture in that country.

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