Ebro India and its ‘People First’ philosophy at the heart of its strategy

We once again celebrate the great success of our subsidiary Ebro India, which has, for a consecutive year, been awarded Great Place to Work (GPTW), an independent international certification that accredits the best places to work, based on the perception of its employees, in addition to the organization’s Human Resources practices and policies.

Excellent team management, a positive work culture, reflected in the high performance of employees, as the great social responsibility and impact carried out by Ebro India are some of the parameters that GPTW has highlighted in this new edition.

Peter Walker, Managing Director of the Company, in a message to his team, spoke about the pride he felt for once again receiving this recognition and of the key role employees play within the company and its success. “Our culture is based on fundamental values and principles that each and every one of us embodies, and ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. You, our people, are our most precious asset, our greatest strength and that is why our philosophy is People First.”

Year after year, Ebro India is becoming a true example of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Growth by demonstrating how it can combine continuous business development with the welfare of its employees, as of the communities in which it operates. Thus, always placing people at the center of its strategy.

Internally, Ebro India has created a workplace that values, respects, inspires, and motivates each and every one of its employees, encouraging them to develop their full potential on a personal and professional level. Ebro India’s CEO, after a sports day with his employees, claimed “The work family that eats together, plays together, always stays together. At Ebro India we always believe in a balanced culture that helps each one of us grow every day.”

However, Ebro India’s social impact is not just limited to the company’s internal affairs. Whether alone, or with the support of the Ebro Foods Foundation, Ebro India maintains a firm commitment to social progress and respect for the environment. In this respect, the Company has been a pioneer, taking EKTA program as its best example, in setting up training programs for rural farmers to acquire knowledge on sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, as for the proper use of pesticides. Along with this project, additional projects are being developed, focused on organic rice cultivation, improvements of agricultural yields, natural alternatives to pesticides, etc. We will be talking about all these throughout different posts within this blog.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the enormous social involvement of Ebro India with its environment. Through close implication and development projects such as TAPAN, the Company makes donations to orphanages, such as MDD Balbhawan, to social rehabilitation centers, or for the construction of primary hygiene facilities and clean water wells, in different local areas.

Also, with the objective of promoting gender equality and better access to education for Indian women, the Company has signed a scholarship program for female students in the Haryana region.

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