Ebro participates in training sessions with Pakistani agricultural workers

Invited by the Pakistan Basmati Heritage Foundation (PBHF) and Rice Exporter Association Pakistan (REAP), our Corporate Director of Rice Purchasing, Juan Parias Soto, together with a member of the Herba Ricemills Export Department, Antonio Hernández González, have participated in two operational seminars with farmers in Punjab, an area of great importance for the Ebro Group’s Basmati rice purchases.

The objective of both seminars was to train farmers within this region about good agricultural practices for the improvement of their yields, for better water management, and to reduce their use of phytosanitary products, as with the aim of achieving a higher quality of Basmati rice, one which complies with European regulation.

In addition to training and sensitizing growers, exporters, and other stakeholders in the value chain on the importance of sustainable production, the role of our team was to give visibility to the size of the Basmati market in Europe, where we are leaders with our brands and the market in which Ebro Foods buys the largest volume of Basmati rice in Pakistan.

In this context, the conference concluded with the presentation of a recognition to the Ebro Foods Group for the significance of its role as the main exporter of Basmati for Pakistan.

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