Ebro Foundation and La Loma Alimentos promote two health projects in Argentina

The Ebro Foundation and our subsidiary La Loma Alimentos have launched two projects promoted by the Trauma Foundation (https://fundaciontrauma.org.ar/) and the Educational Foundation (https://educacional.org.ar/) in the communities of Los Charrúas and Chajarí in Entre Ríos (Argentina).

The Trauma Foundation is an NGO formed by health professionals, social scientists, data scientists and communicators who collaborate with health teams to learn from their experiences and identify opportunities to develop strategies to improve the quality of health. Its mission is to provide courses in advanced first aid to health teams and basic first aid to people in the community, enabling them to provide appropriate care in the event of a medical emergency.

The programme developed has consisted of 1) providing advanced first aid (PAA) courses for the staff of different health centres in the municipalities of Los Charrúas and Chajarí and, 2) Basic First Aid (PAB) courses for residents of both localities.

The purpose of both courses is for participants to incorporate an emergency response protocol, based on the development of a systematic sequence that allows, in the case of health professionals, to provide first medical attention at the health centre, and in the case of ordinary citizens, to provide first aid until the arrival of the emergency medical system (EMS).

Thanks to the project, these people will be able to act as a vital link in the event of a medical emergency requiring more complex care, strengthening the response of the local health system.

On the other hand, the Fundación Educacional works to bring people closer to health and wellbeing. They educate through science and provide the necessary tools for people to change their eating habits by incorporating elements that promote their health.

In line with this idea, the Ebro Foods Foundation and La Loma Alimentos decided to take part in the initiative, developing it in the three schools of Los Charrúas and Chajarí. Focusing on the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the aim of this action has been to motivate children and adults to take an active role in caring for their food and health, through recommendations on care, hygiene and good practices.

You can see a summary of both projects at:

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