Once again, Ebro Talent: Caring for Innovation kicks off

Once again, Ebro Foods and Loyola University of Seville have renewed their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the agri-food sector, with the joint launch of a new edition of “Ebro Talent: Caring for Innovation”, a program aimed at promoting, encouraging, and supporting innovation in the food sector in Spain.

“Ebro Talent: Caring for Innovation” new edition continues to pivot around four challenges which would engage in solutions for the improvement of Spain’s agri-food sector. All whilst supporting and contributing to the identification and innovative talent, as fostering the development of groundbreaking solutions which grant a more sustainable and efficient food industry.

Thus, the challenges, launched by the program to the innovative ecosystem in this third edition, are:

CHALLENGE 1: How could we reduce the use of plastics in product packaging?

CHALLENGE 2: How could we reduce the waste of resources in the value chain through the use of prediction?

CHALLENGE 3: How can Artificial Intelligence be applied to marketing to obtain more efficient and personalized results for diverse promotional actions?

CHALLENGE 4 (OPEN): What solution or technological innovation can you propose which adds to the overall objectives of the program?

In this new summon of Ebro Talent: Caring for Innovation, entrepreneurs who propose solutions to any of these challenges, will participate in a Bootcamp. During this intensive work camp, participants will work, for 48 hours, on-site in dynamics of co-creation of solutions and will receive training related to business development within the food sector.

In addition, those selected to take part in the program will be granted the support of specialized mentors from the food sector, who will guide and accompany them throughout the development and growth of their projects.

The program will culminate on November 10th, with the celebration of Ebro Day, an event which will devise the presentation of the finalist projects and where cash prizes will be awarded.

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